Provides free and confidential budget advice including help with budgeting, negotiations with creditors, ongoing support in the community, referrals to other services, and education seminars in the community.    

Manager: Robert Antonio
Ph: 237-4267
Fax: 237-4298
Email: info@poriruabudget.org.nz
Website Link: www.poriruabudget.org.nz
Other Links: www.familybudgeting.org.nz
4th floor, room 2
Hours : Monday-Friday 9-00am to 4-00pm
Thursdays a Budget adviser will be available only by prior appointment 4:30pm-6:30pm at the CAB on the 2nd floor.  

The appointment must be made with the CAB by 3pm Wednesday of that week Ph:237-8846   


(Last Updated 15 February 2015)