Te Kotahitanga ā Porirua



This art work was commissioned to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Porirua Community Services Centre and was entrusted to Level 7 students of the Design and Project Team at Whitireia Community Polytechnic.

The name "Te Kotahitanga ā Porirua" encompasses everything the Porirua Community Service Centre is about, "Community Groups Working Together." 

  • The five panels represent the five continents which our vast cultural ethnicities come from.
  • The middle panel, being the most important aspect of the art work,represents the people, whose faces are ambiguous in order to represent everyone.
  • The two woven panels represent the combining of cultures, the collaboration of skills and knowledge in the community and the coming together of people through discussion and mediation.
  • The outer panels represent our ability to strive for achievement and success.
  • The various colours you see are very significant because each colour represents a race or an emotion.

            -     RED the blood that runs through all of our veins
            -     WHITE the light at the end of a dark tunnel, HOPE AND PEACE
            -     PINK European and Foreign cultures
            -     BROWN the darker skin races
            -     PURPLE the darkness which tries to hold us back from achieving our goals

  • The Koru shapes represent growth as a community and are shaped like a 'whare' to represent shelter in times of need.
  • The Prows represent our ability to look forward in life, but more importantly to acknowledge our origins and where we have come from.


Tēnā Koutou Kātoa

Tamariki Ferguson
Cameron Brockie
Tupe Rodgers
Ana Maea Whangapirita
Level 7, Design and Project Team,
Whitireia Community Polytechnic.